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We take makeup seriously. Correct techniques of applying makeup are essential to enhancing your most complementary features and creating beautiful stylish looks.

First, we determine what makeup colors compliment you the most, warm color palette or cool colors. Selection depends on your hair, skin, eye colors as well as color and type of clothing you prefer.

We use finest tools and makeup products available. We only select make-up products that are safe, lasting and proven to produce best results.

During your makeup appointment you will learn how to skillfully apply make-up yourself and it makes a tremendous difference in your appearance. We gladly share the best kept secrets of makeup artists with our clients. We also will help you with your palette selection as well as makeup product selection making sure that you always will look your best using very little makeup time.

welcome to Hair Salon Tamales All of our makeup professionals are true artists of this very fine craft. We work with people of all ages, all types of fashion and styles. One thing for is sure, you will like your new fresh look.

One of our makeup application principals is to enhance your natural beauty and brighten up your appearance naturally, without excessive use of makeup products while creating very stylish and finished appearance. Our extensive clientele is a testimony to our expertise, creativity and professionalism.
If you are looking for a top makeup professional in Owatonna, call us and schedule an appointment and enjoy wonderful results.

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