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Our salon carries the most refined selection of top hair products in Owatonna. Over 20 years of hair-styling experience taught us to be very selective in recommending hair products to our clients as well as using these hair products in our daily work. Selection of correct hair products not only promotes hair health but also enhances your looks and haircut styling. Most people don’t realize what a difference good product makes to your hair and your looks.

Are Hair Products Really That Important?

Let’s learn the basics about your hair. Your hair is a reflection of your overall health, your exposure to chemicals, sun and of course, the types of hair products you use.

Hair damage is not only caused by bad hair products, but also by exposure to sun and … tap water. Yes, it’s true, our tap water is full of chemicals that are not beneficial to healthy looking hair, not to mention drinking it. That’s why we recommend to try rinsing your hair after hair wash with a distilled water. You will be amazed what difference such a simple step will produce.

Here is a sad reality, most of our first-time clients have never realized how beautiful their hair can look. They used wrong hair products all their life, they never had a chance to rejuvenate their hair, and they never even had a chance to pick the stylish haircut they really wanted because of their poor hair condition.

If you have damaged hair and looking for a true solution, see us. Your hair is our business and we know it well.

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Why You Should Listen To Your Hairstylist While Selecting Hair Products
An experienced hairstylist can tell exactly what hair products you are using, what is wrong with your hair and needs to be done to improve the hair condition. When our clients sit in our chair, we only use the best products. Why? Because if we use the best products suited for your hair, your haircut will look fantastic.

We are professionals who care about your looks and your hair condition. When we recommend a product to our clients, we do it sincerely, knowing that this is what your hair so desperately needs. Trust your hairstylist. It's the best you can do for your hair and your looks.

If you want to try a new hair style, color, or just want to update your current look, bring your ideas to us, and let's see what we can do together. Our stylists are some of the most experienced and reliable in Owatonna and will get the job done right. If you have a picture that inspired your new hairstyle, we would certainly like to see it. If you are not sure, let us help you choose a perfect hairstyle and/or color to compliment your best features. Instead of fighting your hair, work with it and find a style, or ask us to help you find a style that will work for you.

We also carry a great selection of the best skin and beauty products in Owatonna.
Hair products is our specialty and our clients simply won't shop elsewhere.

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