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Curly hair in Owatonna? Some people want to straighten their hair, some people want to enhance their natural curls look. We propose curl solutions using most advanced techniques which avoid hair damage and promote healthy, natural looking hair.

Although natural beauty of curls is undisputed and complimentary in most cases, it also could be a pretty heavy task as far managing those unruly curls and sometimes usual methods just won't do because curly hair could be inconstant and require special care.

If you would like to enhance your natural curls or would like to straighten your hair, set up an appointment and let us know in advance that you are planning on getting your curly hair to obey.

Prior to settling on a final hairstyle while managing curly hair, it is important to determine how healthy your hair is, how it compliments your complexion, and then we will come up with the best solution.

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salon-e-clips Curly Hair Tips

Avoid excessive heat. When using hair dryer, set on coolest setting or use a diffusing attachment.
Sometimes you may notice that your hair is going flat. In this case use a professional curling conditioner.
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It is better to condition hair in the morning. While sleeping, curly hair has a tendency to go flat.

If you decided to straighten your hair, find a stylist who will get it done, avoiding damage to your hair.

Avoid using curly hair products that may leave too much build up, especially products with silicon(s).

To gain more hair body on the top of your head experiment with some clips while your hair is damp.
Dry your hair with clips on. You will notice more volume after the hair is dry.

Visit your stylist at least four times per year to trim split ends and reshape your hair.

Ask your hairstylist to choose the hairstyle which is easy to maintain.

Use a hairstylist who specializes in curly hair.

Choose the best curly hair conditioner or cream specifically developed for curly hair.

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