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Picking the right hair color is one of the most important decisions people make about their hair. It also can be a difficult and even an emotional choice. The hairstylists at salon-e-clips understand this and take the time to help clients choose the right hair color.

“Sometimes clients feel like they have to do something drastic with their hair. Maybe they’re starting a new career or just feel it‘s time to get that new look they saw on the cover of In Style. Changing hair color can be about the biggest change a person can make to their hair.

And while it is exciting and fun to suddenly change your hair color, it’s also so easy to mess it up, especially if you do it at home, or if your hairstylist doesn’t have a clue.

We all know that going to extremes with hair color isn’t really going to change life for the better,and if you make a mistake you could end up at Target, wearing a baseball cap.

And then it just get’s worst, because coloring hair frequently may result in hair damage and you end up with bad hair that’s a bad color. We see it quite frequently and that’s why we help our clients choose the right hair color and hair highlights that look natural and compliment their complexion and features.

We even go so far as talking with them about new makeup choices that will work well with their new hair color. It all goes together.
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